All About Our Easter Eggs!

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Howdy, y'all!

You may have noticed that our #TipTuesday post on September 19 had a little something special in it. If you didn’t, you should check it out – hint, hint! 


We posted some Easter Eggs back in July in a couple of posts, and they’ve been sadly neglected since then. I’m here to let you know that our precious, pixelated foodstuffs will go forth from this moment in a blaze of glory! (Okay, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic.) 


Here’s the plan. Every two weeks or so, we will put an egg somewhere in the community along with a link to collect the corresponding badge. You can help your friends by telling them where the eggs are, or you can hoard them. We’ll also post hints for previous eggs, but the hints will be few and far between. (Because I’m mean – just ask my kids, and they’ll tell ya all about it!) 

PS - The eggs in this post don't count. They're just pictures.



  • PiperWilson
    PiperWilson HLV Staff
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    Here are your hints for the first two eggs.  




  • LiselotteP
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    Ok, so I have a confession to make. I have no idea what an Easter Egg is, but I love the concept of this.

    Are they images of an Easter Egg? And then you click on the link to request the badge?

  • Hi, @LiselotteP!

    According to Sprout Social (which I quote because no one wants to hear me try to explain this in my own words, I promise! 🤣)

    A digital easter egg is a hidden message or feature found in digital works, like a video game, website or movie trailer. The first digital easter egg was placed in the Atari video game, Adventure, by a programmer looking to give himself some much-deserved credit for his work on the project.

    Sometimes, they will be an image, sometimes they will be embedded in text. Like an egg was in one of the hints you found.

  • @LiselotteP - I realized that I only answered part of your question.

    When you find an Easter egg, click on the link associated with the egg, and you'll be taken to a page where you can request the badge.

  • PiperWilson
    PiperWilson HLV Staff
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    Our fourth Easter Egg has been released. Please note that I'm giving this updated clue because it's in an unusual place.

    Good luck!

    Clue: Release 2023.021

  • PiperWilson
    PiperWilson HLV Staff
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    The fifth and sixth Easter Egg badges have been hidden.


    🎨 - Theming

    🔍️ - Third Party Search

  • PiperWilson
    PiperWilson HLV Staff
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    Tip - The seventh Easter Egg was hidden yesterday (Tuesday). (December 12)

    Clues: Documentation and #TipTuesday

  • I snuck the 8th one in after the fact, and there's no image, so here's a pretty blatant hint! 🧠

  • PiperWilson
    PiperWilson HLV Staff
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    I "hid" the 9th Easter Egg this morning.

    Clues: Feature and Layout Editor

  • The 10th Easter Egg dropped on March 11.

    Clue - Daily Active Users