🧭 Unifying Internal Teams for the best CX

Kirstie Macfarlane
Kirstie Macfarlane HLV Staff
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Creating unified brand ownership with a consistently valuable brand representation throughout the entire customer journey is essential for organizations. Why? Because fragmented brand ownership negatively impacts your customer experience (CX).

When there is robust communication and collaboration across departments, crucial brand elements such as key selling points, distinctive visual characteristics, and the overall brand voice remain cohesive. From messaging to visual representation to customer communications, maintaining consistent value is the key to an outstanding customer experience.

Aligning marketing, sales, success, support, and product teams and ensuring they share responsibility for brand ownership leads to an enhanced customer experience. This not only improves revenue but also fosters deeper loyalty and contributes to the development of superior products.

In fact, strengthening the customer experience has the potential to increase win rates by up to 40%, cut customer service costs in half, and reduce churn by up to 15% (1).

Why you should prioritize cohesive branding 🎯

A remarkable customer experience hinges on maintaining consistent messaging and actions across all departments within your organization. When there is cohesiveness throughout the business, it can result in enhancements in revenue, increased advocacy, improved retention, and positive effects on reputation and reviews.

Let's take a closer look at the different customer touchpoints and why they're important:

This post was originally published in 2022 but has been revised and updated from its previous edition to ensure accuracy and relevance.

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