#TipTuesday : Badgify Comments addon

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Looks like it’s time for another #TipTuesday!


We all want our communities to have the most engagement… right?


Today we will be talking about a useful way to promote engagement through Gamification in your community using the – Badgify Comments addon



Gamification can help support your community goals by building a sense of belonging, security, and overall happiness in being part of a community.


Gamification can directly impact a communities participation because it ultimately gives users an added incentive to participate and get recognized for their contribution. Providing the opportunity to gain rewards and badges can help users feel like they are making progress and growing their reputation in the community..


Let’s get into the addon:


Badgify Comments

This addon allows you to assign custom badges to specific discussions in your community. These badges make it easy for you to reward users who comment in these discussions and is the perfect way to boost engagement.

The badges that are created within a discussion and are unique to that discussion. You can add a badge to a discussion by selecting the ellipses and clicking add a badge:


Once you have selected add a badge its time to create the badge you want to associate with that discussion – Luckily if you have created badges in your community before it’s the same process:.

Name – Have a name that clearly shows the purpose of the badge. – Don’t be afraid to have fun with it!

Slug - It's the badge's unique identifier within the URL. Do not change the slug or the magic won’t happen!

Description – Give the purpose of the badge and how users earn it. This information will appear on the badge’s page.

Points – Specify the number of points that users are awarded when they earn the badge. I usually recommend somewhere between 5 and 15 points depending on how difficult it will be to earn. 

Badge Class and Badge Class Level – These fields are optional and are meant to apply internal-only classification to the badge, so don’t worry about them!.


Add Image – Use this field to add a PNG or JPG image for the badge.

After you’ve filled out the badge fields and add a unique image the badges will be automatically given to users who have commented on the discussion!



Award Manually

You can also set the badge to be awarded manually by someone with the proper permissions. Typically, this function is enabled to show that there has been “real engagement” within a discussion.

In your dashboard navigate to settings then badges and select the pencil to edit the badge and toggle on “Award Manually”


We’d Love to Meet You!

We like to practice what we preach here at HL Vanilla, The Badgify  Comments addon is currently in use in our Introduce yourself discussion.

So be sure to stop by and tell us about yourself we would love to know! And at the same time, earn a reward for doing so. Can’t  wait to see you all in there!

If you’re interested in either of these tools and don’t see them in your Addon list, reach out to your CSM,  or Implementation PM or Vanilla Support to toggle it on for you.



  • Heather Wendt

    Love this! Rolling out some new Gamification pieces, and one is a limited offer badge for responding to a specific monthly post…this is going to make that process SO much easier!