#TipTuesday: Tactics to increase email digest adoption

IsabelleK HLV Staff Alumni

We’re excited about the new email digest feature which is currently in beta. You can check it out by subscribing in your Notification Preferences

If you would like to be a part of the beta testing group by having this feature enabled on your community, please let us know by going to this thread and leaving a comment. 

So, you’ve enabled email digest and it’s looking great – now you’ve got to get folks to subscribe.  

Here are a couple ways to encourage folks to do this:  

  • Create a CTA widget that encourages folks to subscribe to email digest 
  • Add a call out on your welcome email and/or category encouraging folks to sign up  
  • Add a moderation message or pocket to the profile page to encourage folks to sign up 
  • Create a post in your community creating some buzz around the new feature and encourage folks to try it out  

What are you doing to encourage your users to sign up for email digest?