☀️ July Success Community Roundup!

Shauna HLV Staff
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Hellloooo Success Community! 👋 It's time for another Community Roundup!

As July wraps up, we’ve seen some really great posts in this community lately and I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss a thing!!

🔥 Email digest is available for preview!

It’s finally here and ready for preview in this community, make sure that you subscribe to see our hottest new feature live:

Email Digest is now available for preview! Subscribe now!

🚦Tracking Community Traffic with UTMs!

Curious about what channels are generating the most community traffic? Is it CSM signatures, google, or that newsletter you spent so much time on? Use UTMs to get smarter insights and figure out how to drive more traffic to community!

Marketer here 👋: My Experience Using UTMs and How You Can Use Them Too

🚨New Feature Alert: Tracking where community traffic is coming from!

🎨 Theme Variable Tips to Level Up your Theme

Looking for cool ways to get your theme looking even better than before? Check out these tips and add some more pop to your community’s look!

🎨 Theme Variable Tip: Adjusting spacing between header and widgets/content

Community banners with more pop!

📺 HLV Connect Open Session

We’ll be doing an open session tomorrow – @Alex Dunne had a great question – got ideas around driving engagement you can share? Curious about the answer? Come hang out with @Mila , @JSaghbini and I tomorrow at 2PM EST:

Upcoming HLV Connect: Open Session Reminder

💁‍♀️Can you help?

Help out your fellow community builders by sharing your knowledge!

How do you manage groups?

Celebrating 1 Year of Our Community

When to delete users profiles? Privacy law compliance?

⭐️ #TipTuesday

Get more out of your Higher Logic Vanilla Community? Check out these pro tips:

#TipTuesday: 3 helpful analytics charts for content ideas

#TipTuesday: Does this issue exist? Am I missing something?

Don't forget to check out our past #TipTuesdays!

🏆 July’s Champions

Huge shout out to our monthly champs! 🎉🎉🎉

@gxjansen joins the coveted Vanilla Ice Cream rank with @Genevieve P and @Rav Singh — love it!

Who will be the first to hit Sundae level? 😋

Big Congrats to our top ten members this month:


@Genevieve P



@Rav Singh






Thank you so much for all that you do in this community! 🧡

Check out your monthly standing on the homepage and check out your all time standing on our discussions page: https://success.vanillaforums.com/discussions

Curious how many points you need to level up? Check out this post to learn more about our ranks!

🏅 Looking to earn some extra points?

It’s still July all day – you can level up in this community (who doesn’t love a last minute upset??) or get inspired for cool initiatives you can try in your own community? If you're reading this carefully, you might even have found the second easter egg… Check out these posts and earn badges & points:

🍧 💍 Delicious Treasure Here! 💍 🍧

Come introduce yourself here!

See you around the community!