#TipTuesday: 3 helpful analytics charts for content ideas

IsabelleK HLV Staff Alumni

We know that it is important to ensure that your community is catering to the needs of your members by having the content that they are looking for when they visit the community. This is essential for members to find value and continue to return to the community to engage with the content. 

Here are 3 out-of-the-box analytics charts that we have identified which can be opportunities for finding exactly what members might want to see. 

NOTE: you will need to already have Advanced Analytics as part of your plan to access these charts. 

  • Search Queries without Results – this is a great chart for reference of content that users might be interested in seeing on the community, but it does not exist. It’s an indicator of some gaps in the content and can provide some ideas to add to your content calendar. 
  • Top Searches – this is a great indicator of interest and could be an opportunity to delve deeper into these topics. Some ways to do that would be by having a live session with a Subject Matter Expert (SME), or perhaps making this content front and center on the homepage and easy to find for your audience.
  •  Unhelpful Articles – if you are using the Vanilla Knowledge base for your documentation, this presents a great opportunity to improve existing content or do a refresh of your content to get it up to date. You can reach out directly to members that have marked the article as unhelpful to get more details on what specifically they were looking to get out of those articles.

The out-of-the-box chart above only shows the vote counts. To find out the usernames, you would create a custom dashboard with the following specifications: 

What analytics (or any other ways) are you using to get new content ideas? Share in the comments!