Forward! March! We’re changing ranks!

PiperWilson HLV Staff

Hey everyone! 

We’ve been at it again, working behind the scenes to enhance your experience. :) 

We’ve seen some amazing growth in this community in the last few years, and we’re so grateful for our amazing members! We’ve decided to change the names of our ranks to reflect the name of our platform – Higher Logic Vanilla.  

Without further ado…. (Insert drumroll here 🥁) the new ranks are: 


You’ll notice that we changed each rank's icons to reflect the level's name. No more generic stars here!  

To do this, we uploaded images to a random comment, grabbed those URLs, and added this to each Rank label:  

Vanilla Bean <img src="" height="25">  

 To climb the ranks, you can earn points by having other users react to your posts, by answering questions & having your answer marked as accepted, and by earning badges.   

Let us know what you think of the new names and icons!  

 Are you doing something cool with ranks? I heard they talked about this in an HLV Connect session on March 28. If you’re doing something cool with ranks, please share what you’re doing!   

Is this something you’d like to try in your own community? Would you like help brainstorming new names? Bring on your questions and comments. This community is all about helping each other!  


  • KrisKing
    KrisKing HLV Staff

    @PiperWilson this is great! I always enjoy a great brand tie in with gamification and would be interested to hear what some of our clients are doing on this front! Well done 😀