Upcoming HLV Connect: Open Sessions Reminder

shudebine HLV Staff
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I will be hosting the upcoming Vanilla Connect Session on May 23rd at 2 pm ET and May 25th at 9 am ET alongside @Joan_Nnah and @Shauna . This will be an open session, so we hope you can join us to share, collaborate, and get inspired by other community leaders.

Please remember to RSVP to the events below and share them with your fellow community team members.

We are looking for to seeing you on May 23rd at 2:00 pm ET or May 25th at 9:00 am ET.


  • Shauna
    Shauna HLV Staff

    So excited that we are having a 9AM session this time — @Genevieve P @norahquan @s_andrews hope to see all my UK friends there!

    @LiselotteP this timing might be better for you too?

  • saramaloney
    saramaloney Vanilla Ice Cream

    @Shauna How did you all make it so that when I RSVP'ed "Going" to the 2 pm event, I immediately got a Zoom email confirmation?

  • Shauna
    Shauna HLV Staff

    Hey @saramaloney

    Magic!! 🪄

    but seriously:

    I've been thinking about doing a connect session on Zapier — let me know if you'd be into that idea!

  • saramaloney
    saramaloney Vanilla Ice Cream

    @Shauna Lol it was magic!! Couldn't believe my eyes. Personally I don't have access to Zapier, but I'm sure others would find it interesting!

  • Genevieve P
    Genevieve P Vanilla Sundae

    9am EST is a great time the UK! Happy to come join, although I don't have any specific questions at the moment.

  • Shauna
    Shauna HLV Staff
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    Excited for this first session starting in a few minutes, if you're available for the next hour, hop in now!

    2PM session happening now:


  • Joan_Nnah
    Joan_Nnah HLV Staff

    Thanks to everyone who joined our session yesterday! 😎
    Just FYI, we have a bonus session at 9am (wohoooo!) for our members that will love to join closer to the end of their day.

    Here's the recording link https://higherlogic.zoom.us/rec/share/ybiNVLVQMGWQ6XKMrUzL76pfunmcSVkrwCCHAhLXiXJVz4qppp58rZrWllV3SOb1.ncJwF_Fu_wymbkRT

    Passcode: VI*=3209

    Here's the Deets ✏️on what we discussed yesterday.

    We kicked off with having everyone present sharing cool stuff happening in their communities.

    @HollyR led us off and shared that her community just hit 90days post launch 🎉 ,They used the Quick Poll function for the first time and she's eager to see how their members engage. She also introduced the Survey in their Knowledge base category that's going to live there and get feedback and lastly, they had their first user generated content (a partner wrote for them and gave great feedback!) Holly's community is definitely building their momentum and we love to see this!

    We asked members present to share how long their communities had been running for and @Kara shared that they had been going on since 2020 💪and are pretty much an open community, she shared how they manage visibility by customizing role and permissions for accessibility and also shared that the community is for philanthropists, Board members, Volunteers and recipients ( a great mix) hence the need for public access.

    Holly also shared that their community had not always been Public, however post migration and buy-in from Executive leadership, they opened up community (again with set roles and access) and so far they've had good feedback

    @Shauna shared a great tip will be to create an appealing guest/home page that teases but doesn't give out so much.

    And then we shifted gears and talked a bit about chatGPT , the impact it has/will have on communities and organizations at large and how people working alongside this new development. Kara shared a really important point, that it takes out the human authenticity of things.

    Kara also wanted to know if anyone had a mix of education and community together, and what opportunities there are for the two to co-exist. Holly shared that they are also currently working and expanding into that with the opportunity to leverage Groups and even events to train university students on how to use the software. We talked on the opportunities to even integrate an LMS in the community

    @wcalsh shared that they have an LMS and also have Groups for these and category's in their community that are specific to trainers in different groups where they share best practices, organize their meetings and have study sessions.

    Shauna closed off with a quick update on a new feature we're launching next month, we're not spilling it here 😆 (Join our session tomorrow if you want to know the ☕️)

    Thanks to everyone who joined and shared with us, We had a great time and see you again tomorrow!

  • Kara
    Kara Vanilla Ice Cream

    Here's my community if anyone is interested: https://community.foundant.com/

    We also talked a little about different use cases for badges. Ours are mostly requestable, just for fun and contribute to leaderboard points. Check 'em out on our badge page: https://community.foundant.com/badges

  • Genevieve P
    Genevieve P Vanilla Sundae

    I won't be able to join today anymore, but looking forward to seeing the follow-up notes!

  • Shauna
    Shauna HLV Staff

    No worries @Genevieve P — let me know if you have any questions on your mind you'd like me to ask the group :)