Is it possible to adjust the Featured Categories Pocket to display only featured discussions?

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We noticed that although the new layout editor hasn't been applied to Categories yet, there is a "Featured Categories" pocket that can be applied to a Category Page.

Is it possible to configure the Featured Categories pocket (not homepage widget) to display specific discussions?

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  • Rav Singh
    Rav Singh Vanilla Sundae
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    Unfortunately not, it will only display categories that are marked as a 'featured' one.

    A potential option is looking at the Featured Collections widget that will allow you to specify discussions to display but its only available on Layout Editor-enabled pages ie. The home page and discussions pages.

    Something I've done to get around this (sort of) is using the RSS pocket method on certain category pages so it showcases the latest discussions in a more prominent way. It still doesn't allow you to specify which discussions appear but it works well in some categories where only admins/staff can create new discussions rather than discussions in for viewing by the wider community.