Identifying New Members

Heather Wendt
Heather Wendt HLV Staff
edited January 2023 in Talk Community #1

Hi all!

I recently discovered the space to see a summary of activity occurring on my site, and had a question. When looking at new members, I can see the first 5 or 6 names, but if there were more that signed up, it simply says "plus 5 more". Is there a way to see who those 5 more were? I thought about a report that brings up those that received the Level 1 rank, but I cannot figure out how to have it return more than just the quantity.

The names listed are linked to their profile, but there is no way that I have found to expand the XX others joined list. Would love to make sure I am welcoming all new members and not leaving anyone out.

Would love to hear if anyone has a better way to identify those newbies! Thanks much