June Success Community Roundup! ☀️ 🍉 🕶️


Hey Success Community! 👋 

Apologies for the delay in publishing this roundup, but I've been lucky enough to spend the last month exploring Italy and almost didn't come home…

Can you blame me?

Anyone else have any great summer plans to share?

💫 Product Highlights

Bot traffic and analytics changes with 2024.012

Changes to Our Status Page

🎨 Theming Updates

🚨 New Feature Alert: Theme Variables for Closed Discussions 🎨

🧭 Community Strategy 🎯

Customer Showcase June 2024: Stephanie from Quantexa

Is anyone combining Chat + Forum? What does your workflow look like?

⭐️ #TipTuesday

#TipTuesday: Using Ranks in Community

#TipTuesday Give a nudge to users who are still using the custom profile avatar.

#TipTuesday: Image Moderation with A.I

#TipTuesday: Don’t sleep on the Q&A in Vanilla’s thought leadership webinars

📆 Coming up Next

HLV Connect: Open Session (July 23rd)

Summer 2024 Product Roadmap Webinar [ date to be announced shortly! ]

💁‍♀️ Can you help?

Incorporating Mentimeter or Kudoboard into the Community

How do you track support themes over time to feed into product?

Internal staff & training

AI Chatbot on Community

🏆 June's Champions

Huge shout out to our monthly champs! 🎉🎉🎉

@Alex Dunne was promoted to Vanilla Ice Cream!

@Pratheek G was promoted to Vanilla Flower!

Big Congrats to our top ten members this month:

@gxjansen taking the top spot! 🥇

@Genevieve P 🥈

@stephanierichardson 🥉

@Rav Singh







Thank you so much for all that you do in this community! 🧡

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