Using events to grow group membership

stephanierichardson Vanilla Flower
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We are looking to grow our group membership by hosting group events like roundtables, fireside chats etc.

We've tested, but just to confirm - non-group members cannot RSVP to events? (this is what we would want, we want them to have to join the group to RSVP).

If a non-group member tries to join they see this (no RSVP button):

We've added a link like this, but what are some other ideas for a CTA to join the group when a non-group member views the event?

@Shauna do you have ideas on this?



  • Hi @stephanierichardson - just to clarify, these groups are all set to Public right? If they are Private or Secret, non-group members will not be able to see the events at all.

    I would recommend that you build out an event widget for your home page that you filter to only display events from your chosen category and put it right on your homepage.

    You can add a custom Title, Subtitle and Description to really highlight all the good stuff they're missing out on! I would also suggest using the carousel display and add images to really make it pop like we do in our categories:

    You can also build out custom category pages with similar widgets, so if you have a category with very relevant content to the group you're trying to build out you know that would be a good place to attract new users.

    I hope this helps!