Multiple Teams - only one Unresolved list

Genevieve P
Genevieve P Vanilla Sundae
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Oh hai! Question for you all:

How do you work with multiple teams moderating your communities, owning different areas of the forum… but only having one Unresolved queue to manage all posts in every category?

Do you:

  1. All use the same Unresolved list (ignoring each others categories in the list and skimming through to find your own)
  2. Resolve all posts regardless of Categories, then have categories that are owned by specific people send email alerts to those "owners"

Or do your Moderators simply own content across your entire site, with no set lanes of ownership?

OUR SCENARIO for Context:
In our Community we have three lanes of ownership

  • Support (90% of the content - questions on the product)
  • Marketing (5% - engagement posts, campain-related, announcements, events)
  • Product (5% - Product ideas and feature requests)

Since Support owns 90% of the content we use the Unresolved List as our primary queue to identify our workload. However as the other areas of our site are increasing in popularity, this can really muddy up our "list" of what needs to be done that day.

I've put in a feature request to be able to filter Categories by Resolved/Unresolved so each team could manage their list directly. Filter Category Discussion Lists by "Unresolved"

Checking the Release Notes - it looks like the New Discussion Layout pages WILL have the option to Filter by Unresolved, which is fantastic!



  • BrendanP
    BrendanP HLV Staff

    Hey @Genevieve P

    As you noted, the new discussion list pages have filtering and will make your life easier for this type of thing. I know your production site isn't yet on layout editor yet but the new filtering that you can see here in the Success community on the recent discussions could help you a decent bit today and will fulfill your idea once that functionality is brought to categories in Q3.

    As a mod/staff user, I see the option to filter the recent discussions list by Unresolved and Resolved:

    I can also filter my list by my followed categories. Therefore, different members of your team could follow different categories based on their responsibilities and then filter the list by Unresolved to just see the Unresolved post from their followed categories.

    That could certainly be easier than what you're doing today. However, the plan is to incorporate this functionality into category pages once we add those to the layout editor in Q3.

    Lastly, there's always the potential to leverage Moderation Services where content is organized on your behalf daily and sent to the appropriate team for them to review/answer.