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Susanne Taylor
Susanne Taylor Vanilla Seedling
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We are about to hit the 1st year mark for our community 😍, and I would like to have a survey of our users to see how much they like the community, what benefits they get from being a member, and what they'd like to see in the future. Has anyone done this before? Do you have sample questions you are willing to share?



  • Alex Dunne
    Alex Dunne Vanilla Ice Cream

    Hi @Susanne Taylor !

    We engaged in this exact exercise last year. I was advised that it would be good to do a mix of a survey and face-to-face interviews (via Zoom) to get a more rounded picture. I ran a report to see who were the users who a) where most engaged and b) logged in a lot but didn't ever post and made sure to interview a mix of both to understand what they like/don't like and, for the latter group, what prevents them from engaging.

    Here are the survey questions we asked:

    • Why do most often you come to the Community? (multi select) 
      • To post on our Ideas Board 
      • To ask questions 
      • To see product sneak peeks 
      • To connect with other [Software] users 
      • Other 
    • How often do you visit the Community? (single select) 
      • Daily 
      • Weekly  
      • Monthly 
      • Only when I have an idea/question to post 
    • What types of content to do you find useful from us (select all that apply): 
      • Sneak Peeks/information on new releases 
      • Additional resources around specific features. 
      • Information on our partners 
      • Recordings of Webinars 
      • Support FAQs 
    • Which resources would you like to see more of? (Ranking if possible) 
      • Best practices 
      • Product training 
      • Market-specific webinars 
      • Product Beta focus groups 
      • Other feedback opportunities 
    • Anything else you’d like to see that we didn’t list? (open dialogue box) 

    For the face-to-face interviews, I asked similar questions but allowed the conversation to be a bit more free-flowing which led to some interesting insights.

    Hope this helped!

  • Kirstie Macfarlane

    Hey @Susanne Taylor - what a great question!

    I would love to get feedback on any regular programs that are running (such as our #TipTuesday program) so I would include a couple of questions on how those are being received.

    I would also include questions regarding the structure of the community, to make sure the category setup is meeting the needs of your users. Often we set up our categories based on our presumptions of what users will want but it's not always what will actually serve them best.

    Looking forward to seeing what others come up with!

  • Susanne Taylor
    Susanne Taylor Vanilla Seedling

    Thank you @Alex Dunne and @Kirstie Macfarlane for your responses. This info helps tremendously!

  • PiperWilson
    PiperWilson HLV Staff

    @Susanne Taylor - I was directed to this article by David Spinks.

    My favorite takeaway is this question - “How would you feel if you could no longer access this community?”

    I think it's brilliant!

  • LiselotteP
    LiselotteP Vanilla Ice Cream
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    Good ideas here! I am looking to launch a Community Value Member survey in the next few weeks.

    These are my usual questions, for inspiration. Note that we are a support Community:

    Last year, I ran a survey that was 19 questions long, needless to say, it took too long to complete (average 23 min), and I didn't get that many responses.

  • Susanne Taylor
    Susanne Taylor Vanilla Seedling

    Thanks @LiselotteP ! Can I ask what platform you used to send the survey and compile results? I love the badge idea as well. Great extra incentive for their participation.

  • PiperWilson
    PiperWilson HLV Staff

    I saw an idea for a question, and I thought it was brilliant! "What would you miss most about the community if it weren't there?"

  • LiselotteP
    LiselotteP Vanilla Ice Cream

    @Susanne Taylor, we use Qualtrics. But before that, I just used a Microsoft Form that I would then share the link with to recent users via PM asking them to provide their feedback