🧭 How Community can improve your Customer Experience 🎯

Kirstie Macfarlane
Kirstie Macfarlane HLV Staff
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At some point, many of us have come across the saying, "it takes a village," a phrase used in various contexts from raising children to establishing a business. Essentially, it emphasizes the collaborative effort required for certain tasks.

In the realm of software, we often discuss user-centric design and the creation of a seamless experience. While there are tools and resources to help users familiarize themselves with a product, mastering it and gaining a comprehensive understanding of its potential necessitate more than just tools—it takes a community.

For companies with an online community, that community is their village. While you may have spent some time considering how an online community can benefit your businesses, it's crucial to recognize that communities go beyond merely enriching a company; their fundamental purpose is to enhance the customer experience (CX).

This article delves into three ways your online community can elevate your customer's experience.

  • Increased Access (for Everyone)

Often, the pitch for investing in an online community revolves around providing businesses with a new level of access to customers. This isn't just advantageous for businesses seeking testimonials; it's a reciprocal relationship.

Companies can source new ideas and find individuals to test potential features through their online communities. This gives customers the opportunity to offer detailed feedback and possibly influence the product's progression. Establishing a space for users to share their experiences and insights can significantly enhance your CX.

  • A Variety of Perspectives

Most products cater to a variety of use cases. Being part of an online community grants users access to a wealth of knowledge and facilitates conversations that lead to innovative solutions. Whether users are seeking out-of-the-box ideas or looking to optimize standard usage, the community serves as a valuable resource for maximizing product value and expediting time to value (TTV).

Beyond perspectives on product use, online communities offer support avenues. They become a resource for customers facing issues when traditional support channels might be unavailable or if users are uncomfortable reaching out directly. This self-service option is increasingly expected by customers and is crucial for enhancing CX (on top of being incredibly beneficial for scaled success programs).

  • Connection and Engagement

Humans crave connection and a sense of belonging. Modern online communities fulfill this need by providing a space for people to connect over shared interests or needs, extending beyond discussions solely about the product. Setting up areas for professionals or individuals with similar backgrounds to interact can be a powerful addition.

An online community serves as more than just a platform to discuss your product; it can foster excitement and shared experiences. Enabling your customers to connect with others who share their enthusiasm not only adds intrinsic value to your brand but also significantly improves CX.

In conclusion, creating the best possible experience for your customers requires a collaborative effort. An online community provides your customers with the village they need, allowing them to learn from diverse perspectives and extract even more value from your product. Actively cultivate these spaces to empower your customers to thrive, keeping in mind that when your customers succeed, so does your business.

This post was originally published in 2022 but has been revised and updated from its previous edition to ensure accuracy and relevance.