Are you new to managing a Vanilla Community?

Hey there newbie!

So you’ve inherited a HL Vanilla Community and don’t know where to start? We know this process can be overwhelming so we wanted to help start you out on the right path.

The most important way to set yourself up for success is to join our Success Community, which you’ve already done (since you’re reading this 🤓) - great job!


In order to help you get started, we've gathered some key content here to help you learn the essentials. This list should help you understand the basics and feel more confident to hit the ground running with your new community.

🎥 Get Familiar 🎥

Front End Basics

Front End Advanced

Vanilla Search

Moderation Overview


🌎 Important Areas of our Community 🌎

Get Help

Upcoming Events & Office Hours


💡 Strategy Tips 💡

What are you doing to drive staff engagement internally?

When's the last time you walked a mile in your users' shoes? 👠🩴👞


🎬 Next Actions 🎬

Search the Community

Ask a Question

Attend a Connect Session


Whether you’re a community professional, this is your full-time job, or if this is the part time gig at your full-time job, we have resources for you. Once you've completed the items on this list, drop us a comment to earn yourself a sweet badge and graduate from the Apprentice role 🧙.

Also be sure to let us know what you're planning on tackling first on this new adventure!