Attracting and Acquiring New Users


Managing communities on a large scale is all about making your customers or users super happy 😁, so they stick around and spread the good vibes about your product or service to everyone they know and love. But hey, every awesome community starts somewhere, right?

So, if you're working at a startup in its early days or you've been handed the mission of building a community from scratch, you've got to put on your growth wizard hat πŸ§™. There's no one-size-fits-all magic trick to instantly boost your community, but there are some tried-and-true moves that can help you kick things off.

Send out personal invites: Yeah, we get it, bombarding your family, friends, or professional contacts with your project might not sound like a party, but trust us, it works. When you invite them to your forum, Facebook group, or community hangout, make it sound like a cool update. Tell them about the community, what your company's all about, and let them know they're among the lucky first folks to jump in. You'd be surprised how many people will have your back and join the fun!

Talk to people like never before: Start chatting with folks wherever you go, especially if your community is all about a product or service that can make a lot of people happy. Make the most of your time in a rideshare, on public transit, or waiting at the laundromat or cafe. This trick really shines in big cities where you can strike up a convo anytime. And if you need a confidence boost, hand out your business card or contact info to anyone interested in joining.

Show love to your early birds: After you've successfully invited people, take the time to listen to what they have to say. Use their feedback to make their experience awesome and let your first members know you hear them when they share ideas or concerns. Go the extra mile to surprise and delight them with things that are super personal at this stage, like treating local members to coffee or sending handwritten notes. Keep it real and build authentic connections.

Recruit your community to help you grow: Ask your growing gang of early birds to help you expand your network by bringing in their friends, colleagues, and digital buddies. Not only will this ensure your community stays tight-knit, but it's also a genuine way to quickly beef up your member count.

Consider a cool partnership: Collaborate with a company that complements yours to give your new community a boost. For example, if you run a global travel community like Passion Passport, team up with a company like PayPal for a themed promo that lures adventure seekers to your community via social media. Think about what vibes with your group, company, and goals.

What other tips have you tried to get those first few users into your community?