Upcoming HLV Connect: Open Session Reminder

Kirstie Macfarlane
Kirstie Macfarlane HLV Staff
edited September 2023 in Talk Community #1

Happy September, everyone! 

We would love for you to join us to chat about Vanilla and your community goals:

✅ Do you have any exciting and innovative community initiatives to share?
✅ Are there specific questions you'd like to pose to gather feedback from fellow community leaders using Vanilla?
✅ Have you come across any valuable best practices for optimizing our platform?

@Joan_Nnah, @Shannon and I am excited to host our next Vanilla Connect Session on September 26th at 2:00 EST and would love for you to be there!  

Please remember to RSVP to the event below and share them with your fellow community team members. 


If you already have questions in mind before the session, don’t hesitate to comment here and we will cover them on the call.