What kind of leaderboards are right for your community?


Leaderboards are a great way for users to get feedback on what kind of impact they are having on your community – but how to best leverage them can be a hot topic.  

If you don’t have leaderboards set up in your community yet, check out this article.


Who should be on the leaderboard? 

For many communities, it makes sense to exclude staff from leaderboards, especially if your leaderboards have a lot of staff faces on them. You can always have a separate leaderboard with staff members in it (typically only visible to staff) so they can track their points separately.  


What kind of time frame should you use? 

I like to have a monthly leaderboard front and center – weekly seems too short, and an all-time leaderboard can be daunting for new users. You can always include an all time leaderboard somewhere else on community should users want to see how they stack up or when they’ll hit their next rank.  


What criteria should you use? 

Support  communities might consider answers/accepted answers as criteria, but I usually recommend points as the criteria – this will include answers/accepted answers points, reactions received and badges and shows a more holistic picture. 


How are you doing leaderboards? 

Show off your cool leaderboards below to inspire other community builders – what info do you show (or hide)? What timeframe and criteria do you use? Do you exclude any roles?