Tip Tuesday: Craft a Community Success Plan!

kimmieharrington HLV Staff
edited August 2023 in Talk Community #1

Today's Tip Tuesday is about creating a success plan for your community.

A success plan outlines your community's goals and objectives. This will help provide a roadmap for growth and development. A success plan will help community members understand what they can expect to achieve and how they can contribute to the community's overall success.

Sharing some tips on how to get started; it is easy to map out and execute.

Vision & Purpose:

State the community's vision and purpose. Ensure alignment with the organization's goals and values.

Member Engagement:

Set expectations and provide guidelines for participation. This will help promote a sense of belonging.

Content Strategy:

Create a content strategy that helps provide value to your community. Share a mix of educational, entertaining and informative content.


Foster a positive and safe environment. Choose community moderators who are dedicated and will support your members.

Welcome & Onboard Members:

Implement a process for new members to learn about your community objectives and values. Encourage current members to welcome new members. Make it fun and inviting!

Recognize Members:

Give shout outs/recognition of your valuable contributors. Incentivize members to engage by recognizing them.

The beautiful thing about a success plan is that it is not set in stone. You have the ability to reshape/update the plan as you see fit and how your community continues to evolve.

Have fun with it!