#TipTuesday: Avatar Pool

shudebine HLV Staff
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Time for another #TipTuesday!

Did you know Higher Logic Vanilla has an addon that can be enabled called Avatar Pool? With Avatar Pool enabled you can upload a custom selection of Avatars for your members to choose from. Members can browse through your pool and select an Avatar that suits their preferences.

You can limit users from uploading their own custom profile Avatars, "forcing" them to use one of your predetermined Avatars, or give them both options.

Why should you use the Avatar Pool?

An Avatar Pool can provide a layer of privacy and anonymity for members who prefer not to reveal their real identities online but still provides a fun way to be identified in the online community space.

An Avatar Pool can offer your members a range of designs, ensuring representation and inclusivity, but still proving a visually harmonized environment.

An Avatar pool can provide branding and marketing opportunities. Your branding and marketing team can create mascots or branded Avatars to represent your brand or products. Avatars can help establish a recognizable and memorable presence enhancing brand identity while maintaining a cohesive look across the platform.

How do you enable the Avatar Pool?

  1. Search your addons for Vanillicon and toggle it off.
  2. Search your addons for Avatar Pool, if you can't find this addon contact Support or your CSM to have it enabled.
  3. Access the Dashboard.
  4. Navigate to Settings > Appearance > Avatars.
  5. The option to upload new Avatars for your users to choose from is at the bottom of the page.

If you haven’t seen our last #tiptuesday post, check it out here! More tips, examples, and Higher Logic Vanilla product highlights will be shared every Tuesday 😊

Do you use Avatar Pool? Inspire other community builders with your cool ideas in the comments.