Best way to bring visibility to discussions with no engagement?

kai Vanilla Seedling
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So the unanswered questions queue has been working well for us in getting users to answer questions posted by other community members.

However, this queue only applies to posts that care categorized as Questions, not Discussions. Is there a URL that directs users to a page with Discussions that have yet to receive any comments that I'm not aware of? I notice that there are many great discussion threads that go unnoticed by our members because they simply don't know where to find them. Any recommendations on how to bring visibility to discussions with no engagement? Would love to know what you all do in your community!


  • Shauna
    Shauna HLV Staff

    Hey @kai

    There is no direct url to discussions with no comments, but one way to feature awesome discussions that haven't received enough traction is to feature them in a "Featured Collections" widget, so that posts are front and centre and more visible to other users.

    I've also heard of folks @ mentioning savvy users, or including the post in curated PMs — not super scalable but could work for newer communities.

    Lastly, you might consider the Bump addon, which lets you bring posts to the top of the list!

    I've gone ahead and featured this post — here's hoping that we get some other ideas from the community!

  • kai
    kai Vanilla Seedling
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    Thanks @Shauna. We have a Community Spotlights section on our community where we feature popular discussions. The purpose of this Unanswered/Uncommented (?) Discussions queue is a bit different. Having it sit neatly just under the Unanswered Questions is more ideal…

    I've been toying with the idea of adding an "Open discussion" tag to these posts so that I can add a URL as one of the quick links in the widget. And once those threads start to gain traction, I can remove the tag. I'm not sure yet. Seems like a lot of manual work.

  • Genevieve P
    Genevieve P Vanilla Sundae

    Hey @kai

    I agree, that sounds like a lot of manual work to add/remove that tag. You may be able to do this programatically leveraging the Vanilla API to add/remove tags?

    Here's a Product Idea I voted on - we need internal and external ways of surfacing Discussions that have no comments: Create a chart that shows me all the discussions in my community that have not received any comments