How do you engage your Ambassadors?

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I'm looking for ways to reconnect with our Ambassadors to get them involved. We are running monthly takeovers where an Ambassador completes a specific amount of posts.

Any other ideas on fun and engaging ways to interact with our Ambassadors would be very helpful.




  • Genevieve P
    Genevieve P Vanilla Sundae

    We recently started a new program to help our Ambassadors. Here are some of the things we've done recently:

    1. We created a private group (invite-only) so they can chat to each other outside of the public space.
    2. We leverage this group as an ideas space - posting polls about the product and about the forum.
    3. We will be sending them swag at some point.
    4. At our in-person conference, we had a rota where they would come hang out at the booth to chat to other members. We celebrated them with a crown and advertised their presence.
    5. We also have a "Member of the Month" program where we highlight one person in an announcement post and a widget on the home page.

    And of course, badges. 🙂

    Would love to hear some other ideas as well!


    (CC @Alison_Smartsheet - the brains behind the program. I say "we" but it's all her!)