How do you all parse out Responsibilities - Reviewing/Answering


Hi Community gurus,

Our team is made up of both Support agents and Marketing moderators. Support answers technical questions and Marketing steps in to increase engagement and champion our Community members.

We have separate categories for each of these business areas (e.g. a Support Category around "Using Smartsheet" and a Marketing category called "Just for Fun").

The Resolving Posts queue (we call it "Reviewing Posts") bundles together ALL Categories, so I'm looking for alternative ways to split up the workload so both teams can monitor/act in Community for their specific Categories.

My ideal would be to set up Pockets filtered by the respective Category only for Admins/Mods to see that only shows Unresolved posts from within that Category.


A pocket that surfaces all posts without a comment (Discussion OR Question type of post) for that Category.

However it looks like Pockets can't be configured either by the Resolving add-on or by if a Discussion has no comment.

What do you all do? Do you manage this via email alerts then, instead of using Vanilla platform capabilities?



  • Shauna
    Shauna HLV Staff

    I'm super curious to see what other folks are doing, but as a side note, this could be a cool feature request -- I know that the product team is working on the layout editor for discussion lists at the moment -- I wonder if they ended up implementing optional filters for 'resolved' or 'no comments' plus filters for category or tag if that would satisfy this need.

  • Genevieve P
    Genevieve P Vanilla Sundae
    edited October 2022 #3

    If we could filter by 'Category' and by 'unresolved' that would definitely satisfy this need! Especially if the filter by Category could be multi-select.

    This way Marketing could then select both "Just for Fun" and "Show and Tell" to see a combo of posts that haven't been reviewed/approved/responded to by employees yet, ignoring all the Support questions.