Important Conversations Update

Adrian HLV Staff Alumni

Hello friends!

After deep discussions with many of you, and the deeper desires for an in-person event, the team have made the difficult decision to pivot our plans for the Conversation22 virtual conference. In lieu of a virtual event, we will be taking Conversations on the road (and in person) for 2023!

More details to come!

We look forward to connecting with you in person.

Thanks again!




  • Kara
    Kara Vanilla Ice Cream

    @Adrian I'm working on my 2023 you have any concept of the timing of these on-the-road conversations? i.e. Q2, Q3?

  • Adrian
    Adrian HLV Staff Alumni

    @Kara They will be smaller, curated events, and less a typical event you’re thinking of. We are still in the plannings stages, so I’ll drop you a note when I have more info.