How have you leveraged gamification tools?

Alex Dunne
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Hi everyone,

Bit of a general question, but we're looking to go deeper with our gamification and we'd love to crowd source some ideas of how other community managers have leveraged the available tools and used gamification to reward/incentivize/recognize community users.

We're definitely going to leverage the leader board, but we're wondering if anyone sends out gifts or other rewards to their top users and how often?

Any and all ideas are welcome!



  • Max
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    Tagging some customers! @Genevieve P I know there's been a lot of thought about gamification in the Smartsheet community. Smartsheet's post about their gamification program is great;*dgujpc*_ga*OTAzNTMyNjk4LjE2Mjk4MTc4NTg.*_ga_ZYH7XNXMZK*MTY2MTQ0MzEzMy43LjEuMTY2MTQ0MzE5NS42MC4wLjA

    @Kalyani Kundalia Also a good thread for you to follow since I know you've been curious about what others are doing for their gamification programs.

  • Genevieve P
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    Thanks for the tag, Max!

    @Alex Dunne We're actually going to be revamping our own gamification strategy soon, too. Adding in gifts/rewards will be a part of that. Instead of a timeline, we're discussing doing this based on reaching a threshold (e.g a certain number of points or activity) but this hasn't been decided yet.

    We've had the leaderboard for the last few years and it's definitely been a big hit. We also have quite a few badges / points that are manually given or requested based on activity outside of the forum as well, to create that broader sense of Community and encourage engagement.

    Recently our Marketing team did a campaign with a "Scavenger Hunt" encouraging members to complete a list of actions (e.g. post in a certain category). This was a really fun way to encourage engagement and if the members completed all items on the list they were awarded a badge. (Here's the original Scavenger Hunt post.)



  • Alex Dunne
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    Hi @Genevieve P ,

    Thank you for this! This is great. We were actually planning a scavenger hunt style challenge ourselves so this is amazing for inspiration.

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    @Firmy thought you might be interested in this post!