How we are "growing" our community

Kara Vanilla Ice Cream
edited August 2020 in Talk Community #1

I thought it would be fun to share this idea with all of you, and see what kinds of things you might be sending out to your community members!

We created a Groundbreaker badge that was awarded to the first 100 members to post in our community. As an extra thank you, we designed this postcard and mailed one to each of those people! The flower pot has seeds embedded in the biodegradable paper and is meant to be removed and planted. Under the pot is our community logo - a Compass - that is mean to look like a seed. On the back, I wrote a note saying "Plant the flower pot to grow something of your own! - Kara, Community Manager, #First100"

(Note that although these were designed as postcards, I mailed them in envelopes so the seeded pot would not be compromised!)

We've gotten some good feedback on them, and some of our customers have said they want to do something similar for their own organizations! If you're interested in the company's info, we ordered these from