Sharing Back 'Helpful' Feedback within Documentation

Julie Lowe
Julie Lowe Vanilla Seedling

We recently heard feedback from a colleague who suggested adding a 'Most Liked/Helpful Articles' widget to our community.

Currently within each article we have a 'was this helpful?' option that users can interact with by saying yes or no.

My question is: How can we use this information to communicate back with community members what the 'top helpful' articles are on an ongoing basis?

I'd love to learn about what others do to share back this information with members.

We are hoping that this could help us a) increase engagement with the helpful button and b) allow us greater visibility into documentation that members are finding most helpful at any given time.


  • Shauna
    Shauna HLV Staff

    Wearing my community manager hat you could possibly round up type email that calls out 'this week/month's most helpful articles' — very manual but can allow you to curate based on audience/vertical… Depending on how many docs authors you have, you could even do an internal shout out to the most 'helpful' writer…

    Wearing my product manager hat, I can see a few different ways we could possibly make something like this work within the confines of the features we're already looking at enhancing/building this year (curious what method you and the rest of the community would be most effective here)

    These are all just brainstorm ideas for now, so don't get too excited ;) but curious which paths you see as best here

    • an automation rule that adds an article to a particular collection (doesn't support articles today, but could be considered) and another automation rule that removes it after x days
    • a widget that shows 'top' (aka most helpful) articles for a particular KB (would likely need some kind of time consideration in play)

    PS - you can create charts on the analytics side of things to show the most/least helpful articles and slice and dice them a few different ways, if you are not familiar with that functionality LMK and we can get something written up :)