Has anyone used an Airtable integration?

Alex Dunne
Alex Dunne Vanilla Ice Cream

Hi everyone!

Bit of a long ask so apologies in advance.

We don't have a Zapier account but I'm trying to build the case to get one and was wondering if anyone has used it to build an integration with Vanilla? Specifically, we have a use case for a subcommunity that will connect some of our customers with subcontractors. Customers will post opportunities for subcontractors to respond to and then the customers will need a quick and easy way to access a database with information on the subcontractors to ensure they are a suitable fit.

Ideally, we'd love to create a subcontractor database on Airtable and then have a widget appear on the subcommunity that displays it (we can do this via the current system of CTA widget + link but it would be really nice if it were embedded instead).

Does anyone know if this is even possible?



  • BrendanP

    Hey @Alex Dunne - based on your preference for it to be embedded, have you look at if Airtable allows you to embed? That would be more of a question for Airtable as we support you embedding 3rd party frontend code into the platform i.e our Roadmap page with the Productboard embed.

    It could be a subcommunity or it could even just be a category with a custom layout applied where you use the Custom HTML widget to insert the Aitable embed code.

    I have not watched this video but the title seems to be on point: