Summarizing and synthesizing Ideas

Alex Dunne
Alex Dunne Vanilla Ice Cream
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Hello Vanilla hive-mind!

I was wondering if anyone uses any integrations or tools to help summarize and synthesize data from their Ideation categories?

My problem is this - we have a very big product with lots of different modules and we get a lot of product feedback. Every quarter I need to meet with the PMs of the various different modules to present and discuss the common/popular ideas and trends that came up in their product area and right now it's an extremely manual and time consuming process for me to download the data so I can manipulate it myself to present to them. I'd love to use a tool that would help out with this (or even hear how other people handle it in terms of process) so I can make this more efficient.

Thanks in advance!


  • LiselotteP
    LiselotteP Vanilla Ice Cream

    Hi! We are using Aha Portal.

    We currently don't have it integrated with our Community, but it is possible.

  • Rav Singh
    Rav Singh Vanilla Sundae

    I don't have a great deal of involvement with it but like @LiselotteP we use Aha for our ideas & feature requests. We don't have it integrated with our Community but that's something on my to-do list to investigate 🙂

  • BrendanP

    Similar to @LiselotteP and @Rav Singh mentioning another tool, many view community as the frontend of the ideation experience and it can be integrated with a backend tool such as Productboard, with whom we integrate with and also use in this community.

    Product managers typically want to see the customer insights but work out of place that they typically work such as Productboard. It might make more sense to push the ideas and data to where your product managers are working so they can synthensize and analyze the ideas. This is how I've seen it work most successfully and it's important for Product to be involved in the community if community ideation is something you're serious about.