How are you using ranks?

Kara Vanilla Ice Cream

I'd like to hear how all of you are using Ranks (Level 1, Level 2, etc) in your community. We currently don't utilize ranks beyond the out-of-the-box settings, as we haven't identified a good engagement use case for them that is relatable for us.

Please enlighten me with all the ways you're utilizing the Ranking feature, what you call your ranks, how you promote ranks, how you reward high ranking members...GO!


  • LiselotteP
    LiselotteP Vanilla Ice Cream


    I've just starting working as a Community Manager for WithSecure, and the previous CM had an intricate 18 level system going on, which I am now looking to revamp to something simpler.

    I'm thinking 6-7 ranks maximum. What is your current out of the box settings? I am intrigued as I don't know what the standard set up is.



  • PiperWilson
    PiperWilson HLV Staff

    Hi, @LiselotteP! Welcome to the wild ride that is community management! 🛷

    There are seven default ranks, five for members, one for moderators, and one for administrators.

    What I find fun is that you can change the default icons for ranks. The one on the left is the default, and the one on the right is customized.

  • LiselotteP
    LiselotteP Vanilla Ice Cream

    Hi @PiperWilson, thanks for your insights!