Bitdefender Case Study!

Shauna HLV Staff
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Hot off the presses, our community of the year winner, Bitdefender was kind enough to share their story with us:

Some great quotes from @Alexandru here — awesome stuff!

Check it out!


  • KrisKing
    KrisKing HLV Staff

    Thanks for sharing @Shauna! Some eye popping metrics in there around new users and increased activity.

  • Alexandru
    Alexandru Vanilla Seedling
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    Thank you @Shauna,

    A bit late to the party, but I wish to extend my gratitude here as well. 2022 was a resurrection year for our community, with reconnaissance missions, setbacks but also breakthroughs. Helping the community get back on its feet was a joint effort mostly between us admins and the Support Teams, but we were extremely happy to see other teams tuning in on this project. And of course, we would not have achieved this performance without the tools made available by Vanilla and their excellent support.

    A big thank you to everyone at Vanilla and best wishes from the Bitdefender community team!