How to add a description to a category page banner

Julie Lowe
Julie Lowe Vanilla Seedling

Hi Folks,

We are experimenting with adding descriptors onto category pages. We would like to add a short descriptor within the banner, much like the Vanilla Success Community has done.

My question is how did you do this? We are not seeing an option to add a descriptor within the banner but it's possible we could be missing an add-on/turning on a setting.



  • Shauna
    Shauna HLV Staff

    Hey @Julie Lowe -- this is coming from the category description itself. There are theme variables to show/hide this that might be hiding it, but by default (and in the case of this community) it's just coming from here:

    The example you show is actually a KB page, but the concept is the same, it's just the KB description:

    If this is entered into the category/kb description and is not appearing in the banner, there could be either a theme variable hiding it or custom css/js that's hiding it. Happy to look at your site in particular if you're still not seeing it :)



  • Julie Lowe
    Julie Lowe Vanilla Seedling
    edited May 2023 #3

    Hi @Shauna,

    Thank you for your response here😀

    I did see this in the documentation. In our instance specifically, we are not seeing category descriptors appearing with the category title in the banner.

    We wondered if some of our customizations were impacting this. We would love to connect with you to see what you recommend for our case.