How do you track deflected tickets in your community?


Hi all - I wanted to probe this community to ask if anyone had any resources for tracking deflected support tickets in a meaningful way?

Currently, we are tracking the no. of unique visitors to our community vs. the no. of unique users who submitted tickets in ZenDesk during the same period. Since launching our community, these two values show a strong negative correlation (community visits increasing, tickets decreasing, hoorah 😁) which is great news, but I was wondering if anyone has found a meaningful way to estimate the magic "no. of diverted tickets" value? Being able to put a dollar amount to these diverted tickets would send a powerful message within our organization.

Edit: Comparing the no. of tickets submitted before the community vs. the no. of tickets submitted after the community launch also "looks" really great, but this of course leaves a lot of noise within the data (incidents, seasonality, etc.)




  • annayardley
    annayardley Vanilla Seedling

    Hi @AndrewLapidus, this is great.

    I implemented a "fix" that provided more insight on the deflected support ticket number when we were working with a previous community vendor (reason I'm saying this is because it was essentially built into their product).

    We created a 2-question survey that would pop up after a user had been on our forums site for a various amount of time (ex: 1min). The questions we asked were:

    1. Did you find what you were looking for? y/n
    2. If you hadn't have come to the community, would you have submitted a support ticket? y/n

    This gives you a rough percentage of how many users came to the community seeking support and found it.

    We haven't built out this popup since we migrated to Vanilla because it's not a built-in feature. But it's a good practice we'll be looking to implement soon.

    Hopefully this helps!

  • AndrewLapidus
    AndrewLapidus Vanilla Seedling

    Thanks so much for the wisdom, @annayardley! 🙌 🙌 With all the talk we've had internally about implementing a community NPS survey to try and measure user satisfaction with the community as a resource, it didn't occur to me to simplify things and simply present the user with the obvious question we want an answer! We'll definitely be looking into building this!