"Spotify Wrapped"...but for community members

Kara Vanilla Ice Cream
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Yesterday my intern and I were brainstorming some end-of-the-year engagement ideas. One was to send out a Spotify Wrapped-style summary of a member's activity from the year. (# of discussions, comments, questions answered, badges earned, likes received, etc) in a fun, infograph-type format.

We love this idea, but imagine it would be entirely too much of a manual lift to gather this info and create a fun summary for each of our almost 4,000 members. Has anyone else done this, thought of doing this, or knows an amazing trick for how we might accomplish this?




  • Shauna
    Shauna HLV Staff

    Hey @Kara I wonder if you have tech resources that could write a script and pull things in over the API? Like have a generic email template that pulls in user specific details?

    My other thought here would instead of doing it per user, doing it for the community itself, like maybe spotify wrapped style shoutouts? Maybe spend some time playing with analytics and seeing if folks 'win' certain categories?

    Maybe a post calling out 'Picard' wins the 'prolific author award' for most posts with 89 posts this year! 'Riker' is this year's resident expert with 56 answers -- you really liked 'DrCrusher' who got the most reactions etc etc

    You could maybe do some fun tiered stuff and % of overall community and make it look pretty with a tool like Canva?

    Curious to hear what the rest of the community thinks! 🤓

  • aunalisa
    aunalisa Vanilla Bean
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    I love this idea! 😍 I am not sure how much of a lift it would be to do it on a user basis, but I love @Shauna's idea of doing it for the community as a whole!

    I had my marketing ops friend build me a custom ping from Workato to Slack to notify me when members reach a new rank or earn a badge, so I would assume you could use Workato to quickly pull the data you need.

  • Kara
    Kara Vanilla Ice Cream

    I wish we had Slack (we have Zoom) to take advantage of that! I'd love our Sales team to get pinged for certain activities as reminders to reach out to prospects.

    My intern has come up with some graphics and we're working on a template for an overall community "wrapped" that we'll post, tag members in, maybe send out some swag, and share in the January community newsletter. I'll share examples when we have it pulled together!