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Esther99 Vanilla Flower

Hi dear friends!

We are wondering how we can unmark an answer as a solution?

We found out that we can unmark solutions on older posts (that have been migrated) via Log --> remove the solution. However, the "old" solution aka Accepted Answer seems to be treated like a reaction.

For all newer solutions, we do not have the option via Log.

Is there a way for admins and moderators to unmark an answer as a solution and if yes where and if not:

Thanks and best,



  • Max
    Max HLV Staff Alumni

    Hey Esther,

    If you click on the [...] button, you should see QnA..., and then this pops up: you change the Did this Answer the Question:

  • Esther99
    Esther99 Vanilla Flower
    edited March 2022 #3

    Awwwwww 🤩

    if I wouldn’t be so glad about this I would be pretty embarrassed to not have found this myself. But my happiness does not allow for any bad feelings 🎉🙌

    You deserve a super hero cape Max 🦸🏻‍♂️ Thank you!