New Year, New Certification?

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Hello fellow community wizards! I'm thinking ahead to 2022 and setting some personal and professional goals for the year. any of you have or have experience with the Community Leaders Institute's CPCE (Community Professional Certification of Excellence)? I have a certification (CAE - Certified Association Executive), met some many people via the process of obtaining it, and have had opportunities because of holding I'm looking for a similar experience!

If you do have the CPCE or have experience with CLI, please let me know! What was your overall cost and time investment? Have you found professional value in earning the certification? Thanks!


  • Kara, I was thinking about this too. I am doing the Leadership Track at Commsor next session (I think in Spring).

    I hadn't really looked at CPCE. I just looked at it, and it looks like there's a way to qualify. I submitted my continuing ed hours and wrote about my work. It looks like I got approved.

    I haven't heard much talk about it. Maybe @Jodi_Meier knows more?

  • I personally have not completed either. I think I have only seen one class complete Commsor's Leadership Track, and I haven't heard too much about CPCE. I believe both Commsor and Community Leaders Institute are fairly new organizations, so I wouldn't read too much into not hearing much about either.

    The Community Roundtable has been around for a few years and also has some training opportunities. I can't vouch for their training, but I value the reports and models that the Community Roundtable publishes.

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    Agreed. Commsor's Leadership track is well thought out and supported by Brian Oblinger (In Before the Lock). So, Ieaned that way because of who is steering it and the guest lecturers, but it's new. I don't anticipate it meaning much to a recruiter.

    Community Roundtable hosts amazing calls. They usually have high quality people coming in. So they are def worth a listen.

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    Thanks for your insights @Amanda Petersen and @Jodi_Meier! I know CLI has an event in April that I believe @Adrian is attending...wish I could go to get a sense of what they offer, in-person! Adrian will have to report back to us.

    I am interested in an additional certification as a goal for this year, as long as it provides professional value. If anyone has any other advice or resources they recommend I look into, please share!

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    I will let you know what I learn from CLI - assuming it goes ahead and I can leave the country to attend :D