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Still in the early stages of building our community and building engagement. We have a small community already signed up for our Forums and I'm looking to gain more information on what brings them to our Forum. I plan on doing some cold outreach and sending out surveys to all the members. I'm looking for questions you all would ask to get a better idea of what they want, and what I can do to bringing them back to the community on a regular basis. Some questions I have are "If you could wave a magic wand and summon any tool or resource for community members like yourself, what would you ask for?" and "What type of content would you like to see on Twilio Forums?"

Has anyone here tried something like this?


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    Here are a few that came top of mind @sbrijmohan :

    What are you hoping to get from the community?" Connect with peers, education, fun, product support, etc etc, and then have an "other" response.

    How often do you think you'll visit the community? daily, weekly, monthly

    What would provide you the most value? Some business specific response options

    What types of educational topics and resources are the most valuable for your day-to-day role?

    Which of our resources do you find most helpful? Webinars, blogs, etc.

    Which resources do you need more of? Best practices, product training, etc.

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    @kmonteiro, I love these. I have used variations of them. I have done surveys like this with quite a few communities post-launch. I prefer a targeted mix of open-ended and graded metrics.

    1. When you come to the community, what brought you here? (list of 8 to put in order or open-ended)
    2. Would you recommend the community to someone else who uses our product? (NPS style)
    3. What's something you want us to know about our community? Is there something you'd like to see more of? Something you'd rather see less of? (Open-ended)

    A few things to keep in mind -

    • One survey is a data point. It's fairly useless unless you are measuring the same questions over time. So plan on it being an annual or semi-annual occurrence.
    • The more you ask, the less people will write back.
    • Make a plan for how you are going to recruit people to answer the survey. (Are you posting it on social? Are you doing a marketing campaign? Can you give people a small thank you for their time?)

    Hope this helps. If you want help reviewing questions, feel free to DM the link!

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    Thank you @kmonteiro and @Amanda Petersen for your input! This is super helpful and I will definitely keep these in mind when sending out my surveys!