Managing Job Boards in your community

How are others managing job boards in their community? I have a category for open roles with our clients. However, I'd like to clean it up on a quarterly basis so folks don't miss the post date and try to apply to something outdated.

Curious how others handle this, delete them? Move old ones to a private category? Update title to Closed?

Thanks in advance!


  • LaurenK
    LaurenK Vanilla Flower

    We close the post if the role has been filled, or if it has been in the category for more than 3 months!

  • Max
    Max HLV Staff Alumni

    @kmonteiro Curious, does anything point specifically to the job posting on your community? For example, if you post the job on LinkedIn, are you linking to the Community's job board, or to your site's job postings page?

  • kmonteiro
    kmonteiro Vanilla Sprout

    @Max No, the job board is for open positions at our customers' companies, not at our company. I'm taking posts from LinkedIn and other sources and creating threads in a job board category. Our customers also post openings at their organizations as well.

  • Max
    Max HLV Staff Alumni

    Gotcha, sorry about that!

  • Esther99
    Esther99 Vanilla Flower

    Hi @kmonteiro

    I have bi-weekly calls with our HR team and get new offers to post and check which ones can be closed.

    The ones that can be closed get a reply/comment from the HR person saying something in the lines of

    Thank you very much for your applications and interest in joining our team.

    I am happy to announce that we found the candidate for the position and we have closed it. Check out our new jobs here: LINK

    We look forward to receiving your application again and don't hesitate to contact us anytime.

    After that, I move the job-post (aka topic) into a board called "Filled positions" which´s a private board to keep the job board clean.

    Thanks and best,


  • kmonteiro
    kmonteiro Vanilla Sprout

    Thanks @Esther99 our job board houses jobs from all different companies (our clients) so I'm not able to check on the status of each (unless i looked them all up online).

    I like the idea of moving them to a hidden category to keep things clean, but also have historical data on roles we've posted.