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Hey everyone: In the Feverbee blog, Explaining How To Use The Platform, do you think he is showing the potting shed as a good or bad example? I can't tell if the example image shows "one single location" or "a dozen or so sticky threads that push all other content off the page."

I was thinking of creating a category of threads with topics similar to the potting shed. Having the topics in one category would keep it to one single location. I was thinking of suppressing comments to keep the discussions from bouncing around." I'll bet you all have this all figured out, so I'd love to hear your ideas. Thanks! Virginia


  • Adrian
    Adrian HLV Staff Alumni

    I am not a fan of a dozen stickies and pushing content off the page. But you can create a category with that get started content and hide from recent discussions - or create KB articles if you use our KB product. Maybe @Kara or @ndevolites have some thoughts to share from their launches?

  • Kara
    Kara Vanilla Ice Cream

    Hi @VirginiaButler! This isn't 100% like the potting shed example, but in our welcome category I do post similar, brief "TuesdayTip"s every other week or so. I disabled comments for these, so they appear in our community member's feeds on that Tuesday they're posted, but otherwise just live in our "Maximize Your Compass Experience" area as an archive of tips.



    I also can't remember what FeverBee blog post it was, but I liked the suggestion of - as your community matures - sharing tips for creating better posts and writing more engaging replies, versus "how to navigate the community" posts. My goal is to start being more creative with those. My most recent Tuesday Tip about creative discussion titles was inspired by your previous post on the same topic here, Virginia!

    Here's what I shared:

  • Laksh
    Laksh Vanilla Seedling

    Hi @VirginiaButler,

    In our community, I have set up a separate category to get to know about the community -

    Inside the category, there 2 FAQ posts which details how users can get started. Since the list of FAQ's started being longer, it is divided into 2 separate discussions. One of them here. I have also disabled comments in this category. Since the category only contains the welcome information about the community, the posts are not announced.

  • ndevolites
    ndevolites Vanilla Seedling

    HI @VirginiaButler ! My apologies for the very lengthy delay. I agree with Adrian in his approach. We have a "Getting Started" category that is always at the top of our category list to house these kinds of topics, and suppressing the comments isn't something we've done but that makes a lot of sense to me. What did you end up doing?