Limited Time/Incentive Badges

Kara Vanilla Ice Cream

Have any of you tried a limited-time-only or incentive badge? We're trying one this month. All our new customers receive a welcome package which contains some swag, and a bag of locally-made caramels that are AMAZING. (Check out Bequet Caramels) We also give caramels to visitors in the office and send them for other special occasions.

They have so much of a following that our Caramel Lover badge is our second most requested badge:

So just for fun, this month I thought I'd introduce a limited-time incentive "Caramels for Comments" badge. Our community is still new (5 months old) and since candy seems like a good incentive for our audience...why not?!

Have you tried anything like this? Was it a success or did it backfire? What other engagement incentives have you tried?


  • Adrian
    Adrian HLV Staff Alumni

    Thanks for sharing! 😍 Wow - I love caramel. I think this is a sweet little treat and the right balance between intrinsic and extrinsic. To me this is the right tone too, because it's not a huge incentive - that would bring forward the wrong motivation - and start to create good behaviour.

    Another option for marketing would be to amplify as we approach Halloween.

    I'd love to see what results you see from this.

  • LaurenK
    LaurenK Vanilla Flower

    @Kara - we've been wanting to do something similar, but we're not sure how to track success. How are you tracking which users actually posted 25 times? Do you have them notify you and then you check out their profile to confirm? We wish there was more of an Automation Rule feature to easily set something like this up.

  • Kara
    Kara Vanilla Ice Cream

    Hi @LaurenK! I export our user report as an excel doc. It has tons of information in it, including columns for number of comments, discussions, etc. I check that report regularly, so it's easy to see who has earned the badge! I also use that report to sort by different roles (including our staff members) to see who's been most active and send out some shout-outs.

    Here's a screenshot of a portion of the info included in that report:

    I hope this is helpful!

  • Rav Singh
    Rav Singh Vanilla Sundae

    Hi @Kara out of curiosity and apologies if this venturing a tad off-topic, is the ability to export a user report and/or other reports available on the Business plan?

  • Kirstie Macfarlane

    @Rav Singh yes it is - I'll send you a quick email with instructions on how to do this!