Best Practices for New Analytics Features

Kara Vanilla Ice Cream
edited February 2022 in Talk Community #1

Hi everyone! We've recently been gifted a bunch of new analytics features (thanks Vanilla!), and I'm just wondering what filters and reports everyone is finding the most valuable. I'm particularly interested in the "by Subcommunity" filter since my community has two very separate subcommunity audiences.

What data points are most valuable to you/your teams?

How are you filtering analytics differently than before?

What new trends/insights have you discovered based on new filtering capacities?




  • BrendanP

    Great question. I’ll share something that is a bit different since I’m not running a community but I run into a lot of different scenarios in sales cycles with prospects where the custom reporting really comes in handy.

    For example, the other day a prospect asked me if they could see which articles a user had found unhelpful in the knowledge base. I thought that makes sense as a metric and we probably should add it to the user drill downs but I wanted to see if it was possible with the custom reports.

    long story short, it was yes which was as nice little win and shows the flexibility of the tool.

    What’s nice about this the analytics are actionable so I could click on the username and go write to sending them a message to get more info on why they found the article unhelpful.