Vanilla Joins the Higher Logic Family

LucVezina HLV Staff Alumni

Hello everyone,

I am thrilled to share some great news with you. Today we announced the acquisition of Vanilla by fellow industry-leader Higher Logic. Like Vanilla, Higher Logic is focused on helping its customers connect people, ideas, and knowledge to drive customer success and engagement.

This acquisition brings together the two leading community engagement platforms with over 26 years of combined experience in the market. As we come together, our sole purpose is to help our customers build human-focused engagement with their customers and members. 

For our customers like you this means: 

  • We’ll maintain our investment in both Vanilla and Higher Logic community products
  • Customers can remain on the platforms they enjoy today
  • We’ll double down on thought leadership in customer engagement and community

We’ve seen a tectonic shift in the role that community plays in business over the past 12 months.  Customer success, product development, marketing, and support teams are realizing the value of community when it comes to acquiring, retaining, and growing customers. 

I’m sure you will have additional questions. Please feel free to send any questions to me directly at, to your Customer Success Manager, or here in this discussion. 

Thank you for your ongoing partnership and for trusting your community to Vanilla. 


Luc Vezina

Chief Executive Officer


  • Esther99
    Esther99 Vanilla Flower

    Hi Luc - exciting times ahead!

    Congrats on this step and I am curious to see what the combined power will bring to the platforms and the users 🙌

    Thanks for keeping us updated!


  • abhi_borah
    abhi_borah Vanilla Seedling

    Really exciting news. Hope this brings in synergies to the platform and benefit existing customers.



  • Rav Singh
    Rav Singh Vanilla Sundae

    This concerns me and our business at large. We've just transitioned to Vanilla from a previous provider who was also acquired and let the product decay as their focus and strategy had shifted after acquisition and subsequently was sunsetted in a snap decision.

    We were incredibly happy with the commitment and responsiveness of Vanilla in enhancing the platform, squashing bugs, support, and the overall offering itself. I note that you've mentioned we can stay on the platform we currently use and you will maintain investment etc. From a longer term perspective, what assurances can you provide customers that this will continue and Vanilla as we know it currently isn't on a similar trajectory?

  • LucVezina
    LucVezina HLV Staff Alumni

    Hi @Rav Singh

    Thanks for the comment. I understand your concerns and it's one that several customers have expressed to me this week. We are unequivocal that Vanilla will continue to be supported and developed.

    This acquisition brings together two complementary products. Higher Logic's strengths are in the association and not-for-profit segment and Vanilla's in the corporate segment. Higher Logic acquired Vanilla in order to further expand into the corporate market and for this to happen, they need to continue to invest in the product.

    I'll also add that of our 67 employees, 64 are making the transition to Higher Logic. No knowledge or customer relationships will be lost.