Accessibility for Disabled Users

Kara Vanilla Ice Cream

A new member recently joined our community, and shared the following comments about the registration page:

Are you aware that this form violates the ADA? The form fields are not labeled, alt text is not provided for images, and structure is not available to blind people who use assistive technology. Check it out for free with CodeSniffer if you wish to stop discriminating.

What have you done to make your community more accessible and compliant with the expectations of disabled community members? How do you handle situations where you're unable to meet certain needs or requirements?


  • Adrian
    Adrian HLV Staff Alumni
    edited October 2020 #2

    Hi @Kara - Thanks for this feedback. I would ask you to alert your CSM ( I will alert them too) so we can look into this specific page. Accessibility is something important for our company - and I want to make sure this is addressed. You shouldn't have to work around Vanilla.