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Kara Vanilla Ice Cream
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Hi everyone! Have any of you tried or seen any "icebreakers" used in your communities? We're using Social Groups more frequently to provide a collaboration space for the attendees of our training events and focus groups that have gone virtual.

I'm looking for something that will motivate people to jump in and engage with the group... like something they can only find in the group (a secret password, an easter egg of some sort?) so that they can participate in the icebreaker game/challenge.

All ideas welcome!

Kara Adams

Foundant Technologies

Bozeman, Montana


  • Adrian
    Adrian HLV Staff Alumni

    hey @KBA406 I loved using Icebreaker for our Conversation event. Here is their website:

    You can control who has access and it's a great way for others to get to know one another in the community. The have some templates or you can make you own. Even months after our event, I am hearing from people how much they loved it. I highly recommend you check it out 😀