💥 Countdown to Super Forum! ② weeks to go 💥

Kirstie Macfarlane
Kirstie Macfarlane HLV Staff
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Higher Logic’s 14th annual Super Forum returns April 10-12, 2024, with two full days of sessions to help you discover the SPARK that connects the dots between community and your customers.

We're only 2 weeks away!

In anticipation of this special event, we will be doing a weekly post to feature some of the sessions that we're most looking forward to.

Here are two sessions you should definitely be putting on your calendar!

💻 Keep Your Community Members Coming Back through Valuable Content 💻

Breakout session with our friend Heather Wendt ( @Heather Wendt ) Community Manager for Gain Grow Retain, Higher Logic

Content creation is a whole job unto itself, but most communities are run by either a single person or a small team. So how do you create valuable and impactful content on a regular basis without having a lot of bandwidth to do it?

Learn about how Gain Grow Retain uses User Generated Content and multi-channel pieces to share knowledge and information without a heavy lift, building a space that keeps your members coming back for more.

📆 April 12th at 3:25 pm

☕️ C·O·M·M·U·N·I·T·Y ☕️

Breakout Session with HL Strategy team: Kristin Parody and Erin York ( @eyork )

Your community is made up of a cast of characters who have unique needs. We’ll use archetypes from the show "Friends" to help you think through a more robust community strategy based on those needs.

📆 April 11th at 4:45 pm