💥 Countdown to Super Forum! ⑦ weeks to go 💥


Higher Logic’s 14th annual Super Forum returns April 10-12, 2024, with two full days of sessions to help you discover the SPARK that connects the dots between community and your customers.

We're only 7 weeks away!

In anticipation of this special event, we will be doing a weekly post to feature some of the sessions that we're most looking forward to.

Here are three sessions you should definitely be putting on your calendar!

💫 Web Accessibility – Making Your Community Better for Everyone 💫

Breakout Session with Martha Jack ( @eConverse_Martha ) Senior Director of Design Services at Higher Logic

In an era where the digital landscape is the gateway to the world, creating an online community that is inclusive and accessible to everyone is not just a good practice—it's an imperative. Join us for a dynamic session on "Web Accessibility - Making Your Community Better for Everyone" where we delve into the pivotal concept of web accessibility.

📆 April 11th at 4:45 pm

🏗️ Building Community is Knowing Your Community 🏗️

Breakout session with our good friends @SamanthaIsin and @stephhartsog from Augury.

Our Story: As an industrial SaaS company, our user base is unlike one we have ever seen. They’re manufacturers. Engineers. Mechanics. We have some who are digital natives fresh out of college who know nothing about manufacturing. And we have others who’ve been in the industry for a long, long time and may have never used a computer at work. Nearly all, rarely have time to engage in a tool that isn’t a direct part of their day-to-day. None of them sit in front of a computer for hours on end like we do. Yet, they need a way to develop their skills, connect with their peers (in their company and out!), and learn how to use the Augury products. Enter The Endpoint, a community for production health hosted by Augury.

📆 April 12th at 10:15 am

🤝 Community Is Everyone’s Business: Cross-Departmental Collaboration 🤝

Breakout Session with Jodi Meier Community Engagement Lead at Juniper Networks

Community “teams” of one are all too common, and you can only accomplish so much with one head and two hands. Working cross-functionally becomes critical to create valued content and drive engagement. Learn how to approach departments and build strategic partnerships.

📆 April 12th at 4:20 pm

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