AMA with Rob Wenger - What are your BIG Questions? 🙋


Hey Vanilla Community!

In case you didn't know, we're hosting an AMA with our CEO Rob Wenger next month (📆 mark your calendars for March 19th!) and we would love for you all to join us.

In preparation, we would love to know - what do you want to talk about??

Share any of your pressing questions here so we can be sure to cover them in our session next month!


  • Kirstie Macfarlane

    Hey @rlux - that's a great question!

    Could you expand on what qualifiers you would ideally want to see to qualify "similar" companies? Do they need to be in the same industry (or how closely related?), or just a similar size? Any insights you have would be great.

  • LiselotteP
    LiselotteP Vanilla Ice Cream
    edited February 26 #4

    How to track direct and indirect deflection with Vanilla analytics for small communities, and how do I track the savings?

  • Rav Singh
    Rav Singh Vanilla Sundae

    What is your long term vision for Vanilla? Where do you see it in 5 years from now?

    More specifically, will it continue operating independently from your other Higher Logic product offerings or is there an intention for the two to become a singular platform at some point in the future?

    I know that's a pretty big and broad question however the reason I ask is due to our (extremely poor) experience with our former platform provider following their own acquisition by a larger parent company similar to Higher Logic and Vanilla's recent merger.

  • rlux
    rlux Vanilla Seedling

    SaaS services would be ideal, also age of community would be a useful comparison point (eg communities founded 1-3 years ago).

  • HollyR
    HollyR Vanilla Flower

    I love the conversations about product improvements, but I'd like to hear more about thoughts on the future of community on a broader scale. There are a number of community thought leaders that are regularly sharing their thoughts on channels like LinkedIn about how the idea of community is evolving, how community roles and skillsets need to evolve, and how challenging it has become to continuously prove value/investment/resourcing—especially in tech—at a time when budget cuts and layoffs have become the norm. (The anxiety is real!) How do we evolve the conversation, and more specifically, how can HL/V help support the narrative in a tangible way. I find a good portion of my job these days is selling (and proving) the value internally. While I understand each use case is unique, the requests keep coming and success measures get more challenging. Looking forward to the HL/V perspective!