💥 Countdown to Super Forum! ⑧ weeks to go 💥


Higher Logic’s 14th annual Super Forum returns April 10-12, 2024, with two full days of sessions to help you discover the SPARK that connects the dots between community and your customers.

We're only 8 weeks away!

In anticipation of this special event, we will be doing a weekly post to feature some of the sessions that we're most looking forward to.

Here are three sessions you should definitely be putting on your calendar!

🤖 AI and the Future of Community 🤖

Workshop with Matt Crouse (@mcrouse) Director of Product Engineering, Higher Logic

Everyone is using the word AI, but how will it impact your community and strategy? In this session, we'll address those questions and talk how we're thinking about AI and incorporating it into our roadmap.

📆 April 12th at 3:25 pm

🧪 Amp Up the Experience: The Alchemy of Community and Customer Education 🧪

Breakout session with our good friend Rachel Luxemburg (@rlux) Community Lead at Cloudinary.

Community and Customer Education are two teams that help customers use a company's product better, but frequently operate siloed off from each other. At Cloudinary, we brought both teams into the same group early in 2023, and the results have been more than we expected.

In this session, I’ll discuss what the team synergies are and how Cloudinary has capitalized on them, plus offer some tactical information on how to bring these two teams closer. My talk will include sections on Unlocking the Power of Community-Centric Education.

📆 April 11th at 3:10 pm

Community as a Catalyst: Unleashing the Power of Engagement in Marketing

Breakout Session with Derek Weeks Founder & CMO of Unfair Mindshare

Dive deep into the heart of community-led marketing, drawing on Derek's experience in growing and managing a 100,000-member community that generated millions in annual revenue. This session, inspired by Derek's bestselling book "Unfair Mindshare: A CMO’s Guide to Community-Led Marketing in a Product-Led World," offers a rich blend of strategies and real-world examples. It demonstrates how community engagement can revolutionize traditional marketing, demand generation, and brand initiatives.

📆 April 11th at 11:10 am

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