Integrating with Condens?

Alex Dunne
Alex Dunne Vanilla Flower
edited November 2023 in Talk Community #1


I've just found out that the product designers here use Condens for their UX research and I'm wondering if it's possible to build in integration between an Ideation category and Condens? If not, has anyone used Condens in other ways (uploading csv files with Idea data etc)?




  • Shauna
    Shauna HLV Staff

    Hey @Alex Dunne interested to see what the rest of the community here is doing with Condens, but FWIW, I can see that Condens works with Zapier, so I would probably start there:

    I'm not super familiar with Condens, so if there is an opportunity to better integrate here, or a zapier trigger/webhook/export enhancement we can make on this side to help you better work with Condens, I'd love to hear it!